Mays, Krantz Honored at COTY Dinner

Video Capture - Chamber President Matt Krantz, Fire Chief Steve Heydorff, Citizen of the Year Richard Mays

Nearly a hundred people turned out Friday night to the Sierra Madre Room to honor Richard Mays as Sierra Madre’s 2011 Citizen of the Year, and to thank Matt Krantz, owner of Bean Town, for his service to the Chamber of Commerce.

Mays was recognized for his service in 2011 on the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Sierra Madre Police Department’s Auxiliary Traffic Control Team, the UUT Oversight Committee, the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society, and as Deputy Treasurer (a volunteer position).  In addition to his 2011 service, Mays also served for 32 years on the SMFD, served as a Board member and officer for the SMVFA, and as a Board member for the Sierra Madre Girls Softball League.

Mayor John Buchanan may have summed it up best when he said “Richard nevers seeks recognition, he just deserves it.”

Matt Krantz served on the Board of Directors from January 2008 through January 2012.  He served as president from April 2009 until January,

Video capture of Chamber President Matt Krantz receiving certificate from Mayor John Buchanan

 2012.  It was not unusual for him to work from sun-up till sundown on the day of events and in the days leading up to events, and when something needed to get done, Matt would make sure it was done.

Both men received commendations, proclamations, or certificates of recognition from the US Congress via Congressman Dreier, the CA State Senate via State Senator Bob Huff, the CA Assembly via Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors via Mike Antonovich, and the City of Sierra Madre, via the Council.  One of the more entertaining parts of the evening was some humorous banter between Mayor Buchanan and Supervisor Antonovich’s representative, Rita Hadjimanoukian, over who had the “better” certificates for the honorees.

Dinner was provided by several local eateries, with Casa del Rey providing chips, salsa and guacamole, Only Place in Town providing Orange Grove Salad, Cafe 322 providing pasta and steamed vegetables, and Corfu providing filet mignon and chicken.  Bean Town provided desserts, and non-alcohol punch, and Starbucks donated coffee for the evening.

This was the first year in a while that the dinner was held in Sierra Madre.   “Santa Anita was an excellent venue for the event, and did a fantastic job of putting on our dinner, and we want to especially thank Elizabeth Booth and Pete Siberell, who made sure everything was top notch,”  said Bill Coburn, executive director of the Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the event each year.  “But every year we hear people saying they wish the event was actually in Sierra Madre.  This year, with the economy being what it is, and with the opening of the newly renovated Sierra Madre Room, we decided to bring it back to town, and at the same time spread the business around to several local establishments, and we did that.” 

In the crowd that night were several former Citizens of the year, including:  Amy and Glenn Putnam, 2010; Louise Neiby, 2009; Pete Siberell, 2007; Bill Messersmith, 2003; Carol Canterbury, 2001; Marilyn McKernan, 2000; Jan Reed, 1994; Phyllis Chapman, 1980; and George Maurer, 1974.

Athens Services was a silver level Sponsor for the event, and the Chamber wishes to thank them for their contribution to the event.  In addition, a silent auction was held, and the Chamber wishes to thank Arnold’s Frontier Hardware and Gifts, Bean Town, Butterfly Effect Day Spa, Hastings Ranch Barber Shop, Tropical Nail Spa, Radio Fishbowl, Santa Anita, Savor the Flavor, Sharp Seating, the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society for their donations.