Robert Matheson Released from Canadian Custody

Bob Matheson in 2009, News Net file photo

Press Release from SMPD posted 2/24/12 – On February 22, 2012, Sierra Madre resident Robert Matheson was released from a Canadian custodial facility after serving time for child pornography-related charges.

Matheson returned home on February 23, 2012 and met with local police officials on Friday morning.

Matheson voluntarily came to the police station and met with Interim Police Chief Larry Giannone.  Giannone said “Mr. Matheson voluntarily came to the police station to advise us that he was back at his residence and simply stated; “There are two sides to every story”.  The Police Department has confirmed at this time Mr. Matheson is under no obligation to register as a sex offender based on California law.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials were notified that he would be released at the end of February, but were unsure of the exact date.  The ICE investigation regarding Matheson is still on-going.

Giannone said “ICE is still actively working on the Matheson case, however it is a lengthy process and I am not at the liberty to discuss details of the investigation.  Mr. Matheson is aware of the continuing investigation”.

Inquiries regarding the investigation should be directed to ICE Media Coordinator Virginia Kice at (949) 360-3096.