Low-Flush Toilets Program Coming

Posted 3/28/12 – The Interact Club (Sierra Madre Rotary) will load the toilet into your vehicle on April 21, 2012 The students will receive $15 from the water agency for every old toilet returned on Saturday April 28, 2012.

When: April 21, 2012, 9am – 11am
Where: Sierra Madre Recreation Center
611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Who can participate?
• Residents who live in a single-family home, a condo¬minium, duplex, tri-plex, town home, or mobile home and pay their water bill to the City of Sierra Madre.
• Residents who have replaced their toilets with 1.6 gpf toilets are not eligible to participate at this event.
• If you live in a condominium, duplex, tri-plex or mobile home and pay the water bill through a home owners association, please bring proof of payment from the home owners association. Apartment owners should call (800) 366-6995 for participation information.
What do I need to bring?
• City of Sierra Madre Water bill
• Current Drivers License or Military I.D.
• Car or truck (toilets will fit comfortably in car).
What happens when I arrive?
• You will enter the parking lot–watch for entrance sign.
• This is a drive-through event (everyone will stay in their cars).
• An application form will be given to you at that time for you to fill out.
• After paperwork has been processed, your FREE toi¬let and FREE toilet seat (along with wax ring) will be loaded into your car.
• Quantity of toilets are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.
• Residents must install their toilets within one week. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• Residents are required to return their old toilets to the same location on Saturday, April 28 from 9am-11am. ONE DAY ONLY!
For more information call ConserVision at:
(800) 366-6995 or visit: www.waterprograms.com