World Famous Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team Rescue Log, March of 2012

Press Release posted 4/12/12 – During the month of March, Sierra Madre Search and Rescue (SMSR) responded to  six calls for assistance.

Injured Hiker, Eaton Canyon/Medical Emergency, Big Santa Anita Canyon: SMSR responded to a mutual-aid call from Altadena Mountain Rescue regarding an injured hiker in Eaton Canyon. Team members assisted Altadena personnel in evacuating the injured party via litter wheel-out. Just as this operation was being secured, SMSR was called to a medical emergency in Big Santa Anita Canyon. Additional SMSR members responded along with those from the Eaton Canyon rescue. The patient was assessed at the scene and evacuated to Chantry Flat via litter wheel-out by SMSR and L.A. County Fire personnel, then transported to the hospital by ambulance

Missing Backpacker, Switzer Falls: The Team responded to a mutual-aid call from Montrose Search and Rescue regarding a missing backpacker. SMSR crews worked several assignments in the search area. A combined crew from SMSR and Montrose found the subject deceased.

Missing Hiker, Millard Canyon: Responding to a mutual-aid call from Altadena Mountain Rescue, SMSR members were dispatched to search for a hiker who had been missing for two days. A crew of EMT-certified SMSR members located the subject after dark and provided initial medical treatment. Personnel from other participating agencies helped evacuate the subject to the trailhead, where they were transported to the hospital.

Missing Hikers, Big Santa Anita Canyon: Shortly after completing a technical rescue training exercise in adverse weather conditions, the Team was notified by Montrose Search and Rescue that a party of four hikers were missing in the Mt. Wilson area.  SMSR crews were dispatched along several likely routes of travel and located the party on a trail in Big Santa Anita Canyon. The hikers were uninjured and were escorted to the trailhead at Chantry Flat.

For 60 years the all-volunteer Sierra Madre Search and Rescue team has been responding to calls for help in the local mountains and beyond. Funded entirely by private donations, SMSR provides a range of public programs on wilderness safety in addition to its search and rescue activities. The Team never charges for any of its services.

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