2013 Rose Float Design Selected, Float Building Underway

2013 SMRFA T of R Parade entry float, click to enlarge. Image courtesy of SMRFA

Posted 4/13/12 – From this month’s Float Notes, the regular communication for members of the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association:

President’s Message (from SMRFA president Robert Young) –

I am pleased that we already have a detailed single line drawing of “The Sky’s The Limit”, our 2013 Rose Parade Float.  (Revised sketch attached). The design concept was submitted by Maria Murray, ‘Thank You Maria’, which has further been developed by Charles Meier, who is providing his expertise including a final colored rendering. Charles is assisting SMRFA as a Thank You, with his commitment now to Paradiso Parade Floats as one of the owners. SMRFA thanks Charles Meier for his beautiful previous designs, all of which were award winning. I am also pleased to announce that Maria has volunteered to assist with publicity.

To those of you that missed the last meeting, it truly was exciting. Our minimal construction crew, YES THIS IS A HINT THAT WE NEED HELP NOW, led by the limitless talents and expertise of Dick Sappington was able to demonstrate the hydraulic mechanism, which will raise and slue the Kite fluidly right to left. We have already scheduled to submit our design variance issues at the 1st scheduled Tof R Design Variance Committee meeting, April 5th. We are hoping that we will be able to attain approval for sluing the Kite left to right beyond the Tof R Float Manual 18’ width limitation.

Construction Committee Notes (from head of construction Dick Sappington:

“The Sky’s the Limit” is now taking shape, this float will have some massive motion.

Chassis – (The  weekend of April 1) will see the chassis back on the floor, finished and ready for parades.

Superstructure – We’ve started the first of the three rainbows, the backbone of the kite, and have half the animation & lift mechanisms done and working.   We have several of our working drawings in hand, and are already sorting out the structural needs that’ll underlie the flowers.  The team expects to have our perimeter supports in place within the month, and decking begun by then as well.

Present Hours – Sundays, 10:00 am ’til whenever.

Come on by and say Hi, we always enjoy seeing you folks.

Have fun, …… we are.