Legendary Bingo SRO Again! Photo Gallery

Posted 4/24/12 – Twice a year, in April and October, the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association holds a fundraiser known as Legendary Bingo.  A raucous evening of grown up entertainment, Legendary Bingo is usually (as Saturday) hosted by drag queen Belle Aire and her assistant Bingo Boy (Jeff).  Raffles are drawn, and prizes are given to the winners (who can’t collect until they’ve run around the room being pelted by the losers, who throw their crumpled up bingo cards at them while yelling “All the way down and all the way back, pelt him, pelt him).  The prizes are donated by local businesses.  There’s pizza, popcorn and candy, soft drinks and beer and wine.  Saturday night in the Sierra Madre Room, the crowd was large enough that they had to hastily set up extra tables outside the back door on the patio.  A good time was had by all, including Snooki Greger and Mama Pete, two women in their nineties who have attended EVERY Legendary Bingo Fundraiser there has been (I think they said nineteen?) over the years.  Enjoy the photos below.