Sierra Madre Sue – The Last Waltz at Cafe 322

Posted 4/25/12 – Mario Lalli at Cafe 322 has been the Bill Graham of Sierra Madre for the last several years, providing a great venue for musicians of all genres, ages, walks of life and levels of talent.  He and his staff of family and friends have fed us, kept us warm, hosted our birthday parties, weddings and funerals.  They’ve generously donated their time, talent and treasures to organizations and events, asking very little in return. 

This Sunday, 4/29 our beloved Cafe 322 closes its doors….. but they’re not going quietly! 
Wed. 4/25 – Snotty Scotty & the Hankies, Leslie & the Neilsons, Auto Mowdown, Tremoloco and whoever else shows up will rock the house!
Thurs. 4/26 – not really sure if Judy Platt is still playing or not???
Fri. 4/27 – the Mellow D’z regular Happy Hour gig, 5:30 – 7:30 and afterwards Surfin’ With Elvis
Sat. 4/28 – I believe is still Jenny Luna & the Moondogs, but call ahead to confirm(Editor’s Note – Here’s the updated information: 

“MAGIC TONIGHT & ALL THAT JAZZ ” starts at 8pm, Featuring three world-class magicians from the infamous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  Magic performances by the award winning JEFF BLACK, Frenchman BAPTISTE TITOU, and Parlor Magician of the Year ANDREW GOLDHERSH.  All the magic will be accompanied by music of the Pasadena’s own 7-piece Crown City Combo featuring the sultry magic assistant JENNY LUNA on vocals.  $5 admission)

Sun. 4/29 – once again – I think they’re still hosting Opera to Broadway, but I could be wrong…… about 10ish – anything goes: Snotty Scotty intends to play the very last note, putting another notch on his axe and closing down one more bar.  (Editor’s Note Opera to Broadway will take place in the evening, but they will be opening early on Sunday and there will be live music in the afternoon.  Here’s an update:
DMQ decided to send Mario off with straight ahead jazz on his final day in busi…ness, Sunday, April 29, 4-5:30PM.       Musicians bring your instruments and join us for one last jam at this great jazz club.   Thanks-  Jeff and Larry .
Kye Palmer – Trumpet                                                     
Chuck Manning – Saxophone 
Chad Edwards – Piano
Larry Muradian – Bass                                                     
Jeff Donavan – Drums)
All of this is subject to change, and anything can and will happen.  Be prepared to stay out all night, take a taxi home and/or call in sick anytime between now and Monday! 
I have said it before and I’ll say it again – Mario made this venue the best it’s ever been, bar none (no pun intended.) The Peppertree Grill, Tailgator’s, The Sunset, The Raven & the Rose, Daley’s Tavern – none of them even came close!  (okay – Daley’s Tavern was way before my time!)
So come on by this week, pay your respects, spend lots of money and wish the family well – Mario, Nana, Olive, Dino, Larry, Gina, Kevin, Connor, Brenna, Mary, Jessica, Jen, Alin, Sosi, MItch, all the others who I may be forgetting or whose names I do not know – thank you for some really great years.  We love you and will miss you and Cafe 322 dearly.