Sierra Madre Art Fair 2012 – Music On The Main Stage Lineup

Courtesy of Friends of the Library, click to enlarge

Press Release posted 5/1/12

Saturday, May 511:00

Steve Trovato  And Tim Kobza: Rockin’ Country Jazz Guitar Duo

Steve Trovato, The Country Jazzmaster, combines elements of country and jazz, and infuses them with rock and blues. Influenced by such diverse artists as The Yardbirds,    Jeff  Beck,   The Stones,  and  Joe  Pass,  Steve   and  Tim   have  created a distinctive American genre which is long overdue.2:00 Nick Ariondo: Accordion VirtuosoNick Ariondo brings a life to the accordion which is beyond imagination. Combining Classical, Folk, Jazz, Blues, andCourtesy improvisation from around the world, the music he composes and performs puts a listener into a whirlwind of sound. The beautiful harmonies and the syncopated accompaniment bring to mind a full symphony orchestra.

Sunday, May 6

11:00 Sudbury And Ramos Trio: Latin American String Fusion

Jean Sudbury, Violin, Ruben Ramos, Guitar, Roger Espinoza, Guitar

Inspired by traditional dance forms from across the globe, Jean and Ruben have composed the greater part of the music they perform. Violin, mandolin, and guitars take listeners on a journey of styles reminiscent of old world days, stirring the heartstrings, making everyone feel like dancing and romancing. Joining them will be Roger Espinoza, the new voice of Flamenco fusion.  Mr. Espinoza’s music intrigues listeners with a new style which expands the boundaries of Flamenco guitar.

  2:00 Bruce Forman Quartet: Jazz at its Finest

Bruce Forman, Guitar, Allen Mezquida, Saxophone, Jake Reed, Drums

Bruce Forman and his partners have developed  a new fusion of styles. They call it Neo Bop. We have heard Bruce playing his impeccable style of jazz with Cow Bop. Now we hear him in a different setting with focus of instrumental blend. This music is a bit of a tribute to one of Bruce’s heroes, Charlie Parker; an innovator of Bebop. Bruce and his trio take this music a few steps further and fuse it with more style and panache. ‘’The Bird’’ undoubtedly approves.