Volunteer Radio Announcers Wanted!

Press Release Posted 5/6/12 – Sierra Madre’s Community Radio station is seeking volunteers to record public service announcements (PSAs) for broadcast.  The station broadcasts 24/7 at 1630 on the AM dial, and provides residents with timely information about community events.

The PSAs are recorded at City Hall by volunteer announcers.  The process is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes to learn. If you’ve got a computer at home, you can also record PSAs on your PC, edit them as necessary, then easily load them into the on-air playback system at City Hall. 

If you’ve always wanted to be a DJ or start a voice-over career, this is a great way to begin and see how you sound on the radio!  Don’t worry about being nervous or having “mic-fright”. Nothing is broadcast “live”, and you’ll be able to fix your mistakes before your PSA gets on the air. 

If you’d like to try recording a PSA, please contact Hank Landsberg at 355-3656 or e-mail henryeng@aol.com.  Training will be provided, and it’s fun…you might discover a new career!