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SMPD Police Blotter 12/17 to 12/24/17

Posted 1/4/17 – Sierra Madre Police Department Police Blotter Report December 17 to December 24, 2017 During this time period, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 259 day and night time calls for service….

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Letter to the Editor Re: UUT Tax on Ballot

Posted 3/23/16 – We have received numerous mailings recently regarding the UUT tax on the upcoming ballot.  All of those mailings emphasize the need for a 10% UUT, but mention nothing about the “Franchise Fees”…

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Letter to the Editor Re: Domestic Terrorism

Posted 2/13/16 – We have had intensive information about the government’s investigation into the Islamists’ shooting in San Bernardino, including a report earlier this week.  It is good that it is properly investigated, including to…