Buddy Holly to Open for Elvis

News Net file photo, George Trullinger as Buddy Holly, 2003

Posted 7/8/2012 – Just drove by the park and saw people on stage.  George Trullinger, who performs in Vegas as Buddy Holly and who has performed here on several occasions with Harry Shahoian, performing as Elvis, was doing sound check on his guitar.  So, we know we’ll be seeing some Buddy Holly tonight.  The concert is at 6 (get here early for In-n-Out truck burgers), and Buddy will get things started.  Elvis will show up a little later.  Here’s a video we shot in 2003 of George singing part of Buddy Holly’s “Oh Boy”.  True, it’s not a great video, but remember the 2003 technology.  I recorded this video on a 1.44mb floppy disk!  The way the page is formatted, the link is showing up down below the caption of the photo.  http://www.sierramadrenews.net/images/2003/august/elvisbuddy/mpgs/MVC-760V.MPG.

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  1. I posted an article about this on Friday morning, around 2am. http://www.sierramadrenews.net/?p=9884

  2. Mary Beth Finnerty | July 8, 2012 at 5:15 pm |

    Y’all know you need to start reminding me about things! It would take too long to get ready for me to go now. 🙁

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