Huck Finn Derby

Thanks to the sponsors

The Huck Finn Derby took place over the weekend.  More than 275 kids participated in the Huck Finn Fishing Derby with many parents and family friends in attendance as well.   About 600 pounds of trout (not halibut) were put into the settling basins, and from what I hear, there were many of them that were not particularly hungry in the early going on Saturday morning.  Things got better as the day went on.  Enjoy the photos.

Members of the Civic Club were on hand to check the kids in, and to weigh and track the fish so that awards could be given in four age categories.   Here are the winners of the prizes:



Age Category 3-6 years:

  • 1st – Caysen Sullivan
  • 2nd – Nathan Sanchez
  • 3rd – Max Reynolds


Age Category 7-9 years:

  • 1st – Brandon Wong
  • 2nd – Griffith Simmons
  • 3rd – Isabella Moreno


Age Category 10-12 years:

  • 1st – Conrad Oakes
  • 2nd – Sampson Sly
  • 3rd – Sophia Cimino


Age Category 13-15 years:

  • 1st – Destiny Miller
  • 2nd – Kristin Shigenaga
  • 3rd – Grant McComb


Largest Overall Fish – Destiny Miller (2.7 lbs.)

Smallest Overall fish – Kaila Rillorta (0.23 lbs.)