Antonovich Responds to News that U.S. Forest Service Will Allow Nighttime Aerial Firefighting Attacks

Press Release posted 8/16/12 – Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich released the following statement today:

“On the eve of the third anniversary of the Station Fire, which killed two Los Angeles County firefighters and burned 160,000 acres, the U.S. Forest Service has finally allowed nighttime aerial attacks.  We are pleased that the Forest Service has responded favorably to our continuous appeals for the policy to be changed. However, allowing nighttime flying is not the only change necessary for the Forest Service to conduct effective aerial firefighting.

They need to immediately implement the RAND study, which they commissioned, on updating their aging fleet of contracted fixed wing airtankers with the recommended Super-Scoopers and not begin another study on what to do.

Additional recommendations from the Los Angeles County Fire Department need to be implemented including brush clearance within 250 feet of any structure, use of mechanized equipment and allowing local command of firefighting.”