Family Seeks Help to Find Missing Man

Craig Scully

Posted 8/27/12 – I know I generally don’t publish a story unless it relates to Sierra Madre, but in this case it is about a friend who is concerned for her missing brother, so I’m going to go ahead and post it.  Pomona’s not too far away, maybe someone will have seen him.

Craig Scully, 62, has not been heard from since August 12th, and his family is worried.  He has an addiction problem and neuropathy in his feet, so he might have a hard time walking.  He also has no car.  He is white, 5’9″ about 155 lbs., and has a tattoo on his shoulder of marijuana plant.

He was in a sober living home in Pomona, but August 11, 2012 the paramedics were called due to some type of outburst.  He was taken to Pomona Valley Hospital in the ER but was discharged August 12, 2012 on his own.  He did not call family.  He is a loner and possibly suicidal.

His sister, Marilyn, has created a Facebook page called “Help Me Find My Brother” at  If you see, or have seen, Craig, please contact Marilyn either at the Facebook page or via e-mail at