CAG Scarecrow Contest Award Winners Announced

Posted 10/15/12 – On Friday, October 5th, the Creative Arts Group announced the winners of their 1st Annual Scarecrow Contest.  Dozens of folks showed up to find out who the winners were in the residential and business categories.  The scarecrows are on display at homes and businesses throughout the month of October, as part of Sierra Madre’s first annual Scarecrow Festival.  Here’s more information on the contest, and here’s a photo gallery of the workshop that CAG presented to help folks learn how to make a scarecrow.   Below is a photo gallery of the awards ceremony, with photos of some of the winners at the bottom.  Click on the image at left for a list of addresses for most of the scarecrows around town (all the ones that were entered in the contest) and a list of the award winners.

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  1. thanks for the great photos, bill
    we enjoyed watching you build your scarecrow, too
    where will it be hangin out?
    happy halloween
    from van and jean

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