Pumpkin Moving Day at the Parkers

The Parkers on Halloween in 2010, click to enlarge

Posted 10/22/12 – Heather and Doug Parker were kind enough to invite me to their home on Alegria yesterday for their annual Pumpkin Moving day.  The Parkers have become known far and wide for their amazing pumpkin display on Halloween night.  Heather’s brother, Chris Roberts, flies out from North Carolina each year to take on the biggest of the pumpkins, which this year pencils out to 650 lbs., but as Parker said when moving it, this is the densest pumpkin he’s ever had, and he thinks it’s closer to 800 lbs.  (They have several pumpkins in excess of 300 lbs., which they grow in their own backyard). Heather also tells me they will have a dragon made out of multiple pumpkins again this year (click here and here to see the one from 2011).   And Parker says he thinks he’ll be making a merry-go-round/carousel pumpkin again this year.  And of course, the ever popular 30+ ft. spider will be here again.  Be sure to stop by on Halloween to see what these master pumpkin artists have come up with this year!

Below the video, there’s a photo gallery from this year’s moving day.  And here’s a link to Alegria coverage from last year, including the Parkers and their neighbors’ homes.