City Suffers Power Outage, Edison En Route – Update

Updated 12:55am – power back on at Lima and Montecito.Updated 12:40am – going to bed, no more updates till morning.

Updated at midnight – Power is still out in parts of the city.  Officer Jimmy Ku told me about 20 minutes ago that Edison estimates about 3000 of the city’s approximately 4200 homes are without power.  Officer Ku said the cause may have been lightning.  My wife said the streetlight at Michillinda and Foothill was out, and power was also out in Arcadia east of Baldwin, north of Foothill.  Officer Ku observed that there’s no rhyme or reason to outages, as one blick has lights, the next one doesn’t, then there’s power again.  SMPD is patrolling.Some alarms have gone off, presumably due to loss of power.  Officer Ku said they checked alarms, no intruders found.  At the time, he said best case scenario had power back on at midnight, but that was best case.  It’s 12:10 now and power is still off.  From my iPhone by candlelight.

Posted 12/2/12  – Power went out a little before 11pm.  According to SMPD, about 60% of the city is without power, and Edison is on theways.  Posted by candlelight using my iPhone at 11:20.