Winds Knock Out Power in Parts of the City – Updated

Update 10:30 – Edison has removed the larger of the two outages from their outage website, I can only assume that the 494 now have power again.  The other outage has been reduced to 161 impacted customers, and the status has changed to “we are in the process of completing repairs.”

Updated 9:30 – Pretty much all remains as it was when SCE updated at 8:15, with one exception – they’ve added 29 more customers impacted to the smaller of the two outages, which now counts 182.  BTW, the estimated return times are both exactly 24 hours after the start times for the incidents.  They may have nothing to do with when power will actually be restored, it’s probably just policy to estimate 24 hours after the power went down in incidents like these.

Updated 8:45pm – According to an 8:15pm  SCE update, there are still about 650 Sierra Madre Edison customers without power.  One outage, originally posted as caused by weather conditions, but now listed as caused by foreign object in equipment, is leaving 153 Edison customers in the dark, and the other outage, still listed as caused by weather conditions, is impacting just under 500 Edison customers, at 494.  SCE is saying they will have most of the power restored on the former by 4:30pm tomorrow, but has revised the estimate on the larger outage to closer to 6pm tomorrow.

Posted 5:58pm, 12/18/12 – Just got off the phone with SMPD, who tell me they are getting calls from all over town from folks without power.  According to the dispatcher, there are power wires down on East Highland and East Grandview, and Edison is on the scene working on it.  Hopefully the wind won’t know our servers out of commission….