More Than 150 Homes Still Without Power – Update Edison Shows No Outages

Updated 6:55am, 12/19/12 – As of right now, there are no outages shown in Sierra Madre on the SCE website.

Posted 5:30am, 12/19/12 – The SCE website, last updated at 3:21am, still shows 153 customers without power, but the good news is that the estimated time for power to be restored has been moved up to 7am this morning, from earlier estimates of as late as 6pm this evening.  The site shows that power to these homes/businesses went out just before 6pm yesterday, due to “foreign object in equipment”.  That cause was changed during the evening from its original posting of being caused by weather conditions.  A second outage, which Edison said impacted nearly 500 of its customers, was apparently fixed sometime between 9:30 and 10:30pm.

No word as to how many residents live in those 153 homes, but it’s probably safe to say that there are still hundreds of Sierra Madreans in the dark and the cold.  One reader tells us that the temperature in her home was 40 degrees just before midnight.