City Council Candidate Denise Delmar

Denise Delmar, click to enlarge

Denise Delmar

Lived in Sierra Madre: Seven Years

Occupation: Benefits and Compensation Programs Administrator for a large non-profit organization

Sierra Madre Participation: Chair of the Sierra Madre General Plan Update Steering Committee 2010-2014
Member: Steering Committee “Save Mater Dolorosa”


Q and A


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Response to SierraMadreNews.Net Q and A

Q.  What’s your favorite type of music?
A.  Country

Q.  In or out of that genre, what’s your favorite album/CD?
A.  Sound track from the movie “Serendipity”

Q.  What’s your favorite movie?
A.  Serendipity

Q. Who’s your favorite actor?
A. Jimmy Stewart

Q. Who’s your favorite actress?
A. Rachel McAdams

Q. Netflix or Redbox?
A. Netflix

Q. What’s your favorite book?
A. The Firm

Q. Who’s your favorite author?
A. Robin Cook

Q. Printed book or e-book?
A. audio book

Q. What’s your favorite TV show?
A. The Good Wife

Q. Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman?
A. Jimmy Fallon

Q. Real time, DVR, or On Demand?
A. On Demand

Q. What’s your favorite meal?
A. A steak dinner

Q. Favorite non-Sierra Madre San Gabriel Valley restaurant (please do not include Sierra Madre – I don’t want to risk alienating voters over something like that)
A. Green Street in Pasadena

Q. Who’s your favorite comic?
A. Steve Martin

Q. Your favorite sports team?
A. Giants

Q. iPhone or Android?
A. iPhone

Q. Tower, laptop or tablet
A. Laptop and IPad

Q. Beatles or Rolling Stones?
A. Rolling Stones

Q. Beach Boys or Jan and Dean?
A. Beach Boys

Q. Lady Gaga or Beyonce?
A. Neither

Q. Paris, London, or Rome?
A. Rome

Q. Have you visited any of the above?
A. Rome

Q. Paper or plastic?
A. I use reusable bags

Q. Charcoal or propane?
A. Propane

Q. What are your hobbies?
A. Needle crafts, window shopping and baking

Q. What’s your favorite sport to watch?
A. Baseball

Q. What’s your favorite sport to participate in?
A. Bowling

Q. Who is/was your favorite president (living or dead)?
A. President Clinton

Q. If you could meet a famous figure from the past, who would you choose and why?
A. Saint Vincent de Paul – he is the founder of the company I work for which is the Daughters of Charity. Vincent de Paul was the
inspiration for the Vincentian Values over 350 years okay, yet they still hold true today.

  • Respect – Recognizing our value and the value of others.
  • Compassionate Service – Providing excellent care with gentleness and kindness.
  • Simplicity – Acting with integrity, clarity, and honesty.
  • Advocacy for the Poor – Supporting those who lack resources for a healthy life and full human development.
  • Inventiveness to Infinity – Being continuously resourceful and creative.

Q. If you could meet a famous figure from today, who would it be and why?
A. Gloria Steinem – I was a teenager when I first saw Ms. Steinem on TV. I was so impressed with her commitment to equality and being able to rise above those critical of her.

Bio/Issues Information

I am an independent thinker who makes decisions based on information provided to me, input from those impacted and my own homework of the issue.

I have experienced the negative impact on housing prices, crime and quality of public schools, due to over development and pledge to work towards encouraging thoughtful development which will allow our town to prosper and remain vibrant.

I am concerned about what kind of environment we are leaving our children.

I am concerned about providing care to our aging population.

I will work to ensure Sierra Madre continues to be a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.

 Community Leadership and Volunteering

  • Chair of the Sierra Madre General Plan Update Steering Committee 2010-2014
  • Steering Committee “Save Mater Dolorosa”
  • President of PTA Council Responsible for 30
  • Rape Crisis Center Liaison For 6 Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Task Force Against Violence
  • Campaign for School Funding
  • Board of Directors, Amateur Softball Association & Softball Coach

Work Experience

  • Benefits and Compensation Programs Administrator For 7800 Employees
  • High School Career and College Center Administrator
  • School District Systems Administrator


  • Sociology B.A.
  • Human Resources Credential