Agenda Packet – The Missing Piece

So this morning Sierra Madre Patch announced that it will start posting the Council Meeting Agenda Packets online.  Good for them.  City Hall doesn’t do it, and it would be nice to have all that information available to the General Public, I suppose.  The press has had access to the packets for a long time, but I know I just didn’t have the time to scan them all in.  Oh, there have been a couple times when I would post the staff reports for a particular item, maybe even two items, for a meeting, but I’ve never done the whole packet.  Sometimes these packets are more than 400 (double-sided) pages long!  Last week, I scanned in the budget prior to the Council’s special session, and it took me nearly 3 hours to do so, and that was only about 100 pages, single-sided.  Anyway, congratulations to the Patch.  It must be nice to have an AOL-funded budget.  I can guarantee you, if I had that kind of budget, I’d be doing the same thing.

Anyway, when I picked up my agenda packet this morning, I was told that there was one section that had not been available until today, that being Item 1J, regarding the Adoption of Resolution 11-33 Supporting Implementation of Achievable Stormwater Quality Standards.  I see that Patch still doesn’t have it up yet, so I thought I’d go ahead and scan it in and post it.  Click here.