City Confirms Lawsuit, Releases Initial Documents

4:55pm – City Manager Elaine Aguilar has now confirmed for me that the City has been served with John Crawford’s lawsuit.  I will be posting the first (main) part of the lawsuit paperwork (minus appendices) shortly.

5:55pm – Here’s a copy of the first 19 pages of the lawsuit filed by John Crawford against the City.  This part of the document does not include the supporting documents, i.e., copies of minutes, notices and the like referenced in the suit.  Page 19 is a list of the supporting documents. 

I’m told that the supporting documents will be available for the press tomorrow, but I doubt very much if I’ll go down and get them.  I’m told it’s a couple inches thick, and with the per copy charge being what it is, I don’t know that it’s worth it.  I’m guessing the site with the AOL-funded budget will post it, and I can just link to it when he gets it done.

Here’s the supporting documents that go with the lawsuit.  You’re leaving this site now, be sure to come back!