Rotary Donates $20,000 to Children’s Library Room Renovation/Expansion

Rotarians present $20,000 check for Library Children's Room renovation

At last night’s City Council meeting, Rotary President Cathy Hundshamer, surrounded by about a dozen other Rotarians, presented a check for $20,000 to Library Director Tony Buckner and Library Trustees Margaret Quigley and Pete Siberell to help fund the renovation and expansion of the Children’s Room at the Library, the first such upgrade in more than twenty years.

Among the many improvements called for in the project are the relocation of an emergency door that currently renders much of the room space unusable to a location that makes more efficient use of the room space, creation of a pre-school zone, a study reading area for students, more space for computers and technology, replacing windows with more energy efficient windows, updating paint, carpet and furniture.  The project completion is scheduled for November, 2011.

The Library Board had approached Rotary about the renovation/expansion, requesting $10,000 for the project and on April 5th, the Rotarians were so enthusiastic about the project that they approved $20,000 in funding.  On April 27th, the Library Board of Trustees voted to rename the room “The Rotary Children’s Library.”