SMPD Busts East SGV ROP Teacher for Sexual Encounter With Minor Gladstone High Student

Eddee Kolos, suspect in sexual encounter with a minor. Photo courtesy of SMPD

Press Release posted 2/20/15 –  The Sierra Madre Police Department arrested an East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program (ROP) teacher for allegedly having a sexual encounter with a minor, who is a student at Gladstone High School in Azusa. While this teacher was not a direct employee of the Azusa Unified School District, the District holds this individual to the same high standards to which they hold their own teachers.

Azusa Unified School District Staff found out about the allegation Thursday afternoon and immediately contacted Child Protective Services, ROP’s director of personnel, and local law enforcement. The teacher was immediately removed from the campus and placed on leave. After further investigation it was determined that the encounter took place in the city of Sierra Madre. The Sierra Madre Police Department, which has jurisdiction over the case, was notified and immediately began an investigation into the allegations. The teacher, Eddee Kolos, 50, of Sierra Madre, turned herself into police on Thursday afternoon and after being interviewed was arrested and transported to the Pasadena Jail where she was booked for having sexual intercourse with a minor.  Asked if the encounter had taken place on a Sierra Madre school campus, Public Safety Director Larry Giannone replied that it had not.

Giannone said, “The cooperation of the Azusa Unified School District, the Covina Police Department, and the quick work of Sierra Madre Police Department Detectives were instrumental in bringing this case to a quick conclusion and the arrest of the suspect within four hours of school authorities being notified.”

Kolos remains free on bond and is due back in Pasadena Court on April 3, 2015.

Anyone that may have information about this case are urged to contact the Sierra Madre Police Department at (626) 355-1414. 

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  1. She was my mentor. I loved her being my teacher and I always wondered why the same boy would hang out in her classroom during lunch everyday. It gets me so very angry that she did this. I can never forgive her! I looked up to her as a teacher. I learned so much from her and since I’ve known her for three years this gets me so upset. She gave me her number and told me whenever I’m in sierra madre to visit her. This is just so hard to believe. I’m glad that I took her classes and im the current teacher aide. Now i can actually help the students in the class I’m an aide for with the curriculum since I’m fully aware of everything they are covering. This just disappoints me majorly.

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