Letter to the Editor Re: Domestic Terrorism

Posted 2/13/16 – We have had intensive information about the government’s investigation into the Islamists’ shooting in San Bernardino, including a report earlier this week.  It is good that it is properly investigated, including to avoid comparable incidents in the future.  It is my understanding that the investigators have concluded that the shooters “self radicalized” by following teachings of a variety of Islamist sources as opposed to being directed by some particular group or agent.

While I am glad to hear about this thorough investigation of the San Bernardino shooting, it is perfectly clear that we have far more of these shooting incidents by domestic terrorists who appear to be native born white men, presumptively “Christians”.  Examples from among many include the shooter near Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, the man who shot up the community college in Oregon, the man who shot the worshipers at the black church in South Carolina, not to mention numerous school shootings and theater shootings.  During all this time we have heard virtually nothing about investigation into these crimes of terrorism.  Did they receive help or encouragement or direction from someone else or did they self radicalize based on teachings or statements by sources that must know that their words may drive people like them to do these acts?  In any event, official silence leaves us wondering whether the government is equally concerned about tracking down all responsible parties as well as the repetition of such domestic terrorism from these sources.  It also leaves the misleading impression that Islamists are the sole source of these problems when for our protection we should know the broader problem.

Eric Olson
Sierra Madre