Leaf Blower Exchange Program Aims to Reduce Noise, Pollution

Press Release posted 2/19/16 – SCAQMD sponsors an annual Leaf Blower Exchange Program that helps clean the air through the exchange of backpack leaf blowers. Commercial landscapers and gardeners operating within the South Coast Air Basin can exchange old, noisy, high-polluting backpack leaf blowers for new low-emission/low-noise backpack leaf blowers available at a discounted price.

The 2016 Leaf Blower Exchange Program will offer three STIHL models—the BR500 will be $200 with the trade-in of a used backpack blower. There will also be 2 battery-electric models—the BGA85, will be $200 with trade-in and the BGA100 which retails at $1,400 will be $600 with trade-in. School districts, college and local governments also are encouraged to take advantage of this year’s program.  For additional information on trade-in options, please visit www.aqmd.gov/home/programs/community. .

Since the Leaf Blower Exchange Program began in 2006, 12,000 old leaf blowers have been replaced, reducing 138,729 pounds of hydrocarbon and NOx emissions per year.  The Program has also reduced smog-forming pollutants by 88,282 pounds per year in the Southland.  All old leaf blowers that are retired through this program are scrapped and recycled.

The 2016 Leaf Blower Exchange Program will include 20 events scheduled in March and held throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  The list for the Leaf Blower Exchange locations is available on the www.aqmd.gov website.  The Leaf Blower Exchange is not open to the public.  Those interested in attending any of the locations for the Leaf Blower Exchange are required to register by contacting SCAQMD at 888-425-6247.

For additional information, call the Department of Public Works at 626-355-7135.