Hit and Run, Attempted Carjacking on Sunday

Sierra Madre Police Dept. logoPress Release posted 3/16/16 – A man was arrested on Sunday afternoon, (3/13/16) after he allegedly was involved in a hit and run traffic collision that occurred in the intersection of Lima and Montecito Avenue. After allegedly causing the traffic collision, the subject then fled the scene and came in contact with a female pedestrian who happened to be in the nearby area at the time of the collision. The subject began punching the female for no apparent reason when an uninvolved vehicle approached them and began making a U-Turn in a nearby driveway on Lima. The subject then stopped punching the female and leaped into the opened, passenger side window of this vehicle and began punching the passenger inside the car. The passenger exited the vehicle and after a brief struggle, detained the subject until officers from the Sierra Madre Police Department arrived within minutes and detained the subject, later identified as 20-year old Alhambra resident Felix Lam.

During an inventory search of the Lam’s vehicle, a backpack was located containing a device that resembled a bomb. The device was relocated to a safer location when the LASD Deputies from the Bomb/Arson Squad were summons and rendered the device safe. Preliminary information revealed the device appeared to be an Improvised Explosive Device.

Director of Public Safety, Chief Larry Giannone, said Lam was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs when the collision occurred. Lam was transported to the hospital for his condition and injuries sustained from the collision.