SMPD Introduces New Volunteer Corps to Community

Officer Gordon Pfeiffer, Glenn Putnam, Amy Putnam, Richard Mays, Volunteer Coordinator De Alcorn, Carol Canterbury, Melanie Shewmaker, and Police Chief Diaz

Sierra Madre Police Chief Marilyn Diaz introduced a new group of “Traffic Volunteers” to the community at last night’s Council meeting.  Eight members of the community underwent seven weeks of training in traffic control at the Glendora Police Dept. to become certified as traffic volunteers for SMPD.  These volunteers will be employed in the event of a major emergency, and at community events that require barricades that close down streets.

For years, barricades at public events were manned by volunteers, such as local scout troops.  However, after 89-year old George Weller drove into the crowd at the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica in October, 2006, the City and the SMPD decided that future events would require the use of people trained in traffic control.  Until now, that has meant that barricades have been staffed by members of the SMPD, or volunteers from SMPD or other departments.  The use of members of SMPD has meant that organizations staging these events have had to pay $100/hr. for the officers to do so, and that cost has been a burden for the (mostly) non-profit organizations that put these events on, usually as a fundraiser.

SMPD Chief Diaz and Officer Gordon Pfeiffer have overseen the training of the volunteers, in an effort to provide financial relief to these organizations.  Additional volunteers are being sought, as in emergency situations there may be a need for many more barricade monitors, and some of the larger events also require more than eight monitors.  The Wistaria Festival, for instance, requires at least a dozen barricade monitors.

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  1. Trudy J Montes | February 20, 2012 at 7:07 pm |

    I would like to personally commend Mr. Gordon Pfeiffer on all his involvements and successes!
    I knew him very well back in the early 70’s when we were practically neighbors in El Monte. I lived on Rio Hondo Pkwy, and he lived off Peck Rd and Bayse, (forgot his actual street name) he had his little blue VW station wagon, he worked at Vons Grocery Store, we both went to Arroyo High School, (although I graduated 2 years ahead of him)…. I had 2 little boys that took a great liking to him, and my husband then taught him how to work on VW engines.
    It would be an amazingly wonderful event in my life to be able to catch up with him, reminisce, and and share all our life experiences over the past nearly 40 years!
    Please forward this message to him directly if at all possible!
    Tremendous Thanks!
    Trudy J. Montes

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