General Plan Steering Committee Meeting On Land Use Element This Sunday

A special meeting of the General Plan Steering Committee will be held this Sunday, February 13th, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chamber, 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.   On the agenda for the day is the Land Use Element of the General Plan, which is the largest section in the General Plan, adopted in June of 1996.  According to that Plan, “the Land Use Chapter of the Sierra Madre General Plan contains seven components: land use designations (state mandated land use element), historic preservation, housing (state mandated housing element), economic development, parking, design, and code enforcement.”

Also, from the 1996 General Plan:

Statutory Requirements

Government Code Section 65302(a) requires: A land use element which designates the proposed general distribution and general location and extent of the uses of the land for housing, business, industry, open space, including agriculture, natural resources, recreation, and enjoyment of scenic beauty, education, public buildings and grounds, solid and liquid waste disposal facilities, and other categories of public and private uses of land. The land use element shall include a statement of the standards of population density and building intensity recommended for the various districts and other territory covered by the plan. The land use element shall also identify areas covered by the plan, which are subject to flooding and shall be reviewed annually with respect to such areas.

According to Committee Chair Denise Delmar, “We are going through the text so it would be helpful if people bring copies of the Land Use Element Section. Public comment will be at the beginning and end of the meeting.”  To view a printable copy of the Land Use Element Section, click here.  Or, click here to access the entire 1996 General Plan.

The General Plan Steering Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month.  However, because the Land Use Element portion of the Plan is so large, it was decided to hold a separate meeting to deal just with that section of the plan.  The public is encouraged to attend.