Sierra Madre Man Marks Milestone with Three Generations of Platelets

Russ Anderson celebrated his 79th birthday with his 259th platelet donation

August 21, 2011 – Russ Anderson, member of the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team and Sierra Madre’s 2006 Older American of the Year, recently celebrated his 79th birthday with the help of children and grandchildren.  Anderson donated platelets at City of Hope for the 259th time, but on this special day, he was joined by his daughter Laurie, granddaughter Cassy, grandson Hunter, daughter-in-law Gina and the son of a friend and business associate.  Some of the donors did a double donation, and two of the donors did a triple. According to Anderson, “A healthy person can donate platelets every two weeks or 24 times a year.”

Congratulations and kudos to Russ and the kids!





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