SMPD – Definitely Fireworks, Not a Gunshot

Earlier today, about 7am, we reported that there had been calls to the SMPD about a possible gunshot south of Victoria Lane.  SMPD told us that after investigating it, they were treating it as possible fireworks, not a gunshot, based on conversations with people in the field, and the fact that they didn’t have confirmation.

Ran into Captain Giannone at about 4:30, and he tells me that they have now confirmed that it was, in fact, fireworks, not a gunshot.  He said that SMPD now has possession of the fireworks, which were of a mortar type, not the skyrockets that had been mentioned earlier.  According to Capt. Giannone, SMPD is still interviewing neighbors in an attempt to determine who owns the fireworks, but they do have the fireworks in their possession.