SMPD Investigates Reports of Gunshot, Determines Possible Fireworks – Updated

Shortly after 6am, I had received multiple reports that people had heard a gunshot over near Victoria Lane.  Contacted SMPD, and asked about it.  Was transferred to voice mail for their PIO.  Contacted Capt. Giannone directly, who informed me that they were still investigating the reports, and he would let me know what they found out.

At 6:50am, Capt. Giannone reported that all was okay.  “Narrowed it down to possible fireworks in the area.”  Carol Canterbury of Victoria Lane, who called SMPD to report what she thought was a gunshot, after hearing SMPD’s statement said “I have sons. I have heard fireworks. Not fireworks.”

I contacted Capt. Giannone, and said “Since you said possible, I assume that you haven’t found a witness or suspect for setting fireworks off?”  He responded that “Several people we spoke to in the field said fireworks, but we found none, so that is why (we said) possible.”

I pointed out to the Captain that a question being asked was what kid is up at 6am in 37 degree weather to light off a single firework?  I said that sounded like a reasonable question.  I have since received an update from Capt. Giannone that SMPD is still trying to ID a witness that saw the skyrocket go off.  Says the Capt.: “99% sure it is a firework incident.”