Alverno’s Hamilton Leads State in Volleyball Kills

Posted 10/3/11 – Max Preps has named Alverno High School junior Jessica Hamilton number one in the state of California with 264 kills in games so far this year. 

Jessica only began playing volleyball in 7th grade and says she really took to it. Freshman year she was on the Varsity team and has never looked back.

Jessica credits her growth to working with Dicey McGraw, the top outside hitter at UCLA, who coached her Formula I club team last year. “We focused on hits,” she says, “And worked a lot on placement. It was great.”

The Alverno Jaguars’ Varsity volleyball team has a history of being a strong competitor at CIF every year. This year is off to a strong start with an overall record of 13-1-0.

With Coach Brent Fabbri, the Jaguars are 11-1-0 this season.  Go, Jaguars!

The Alverno mission: to empower each young woman to be exactly the person she wants to be. Alverno High School is the independent, Catholic college-prep high school for girls in Sierra Madre. Its college-prep curriculum and emphasis on leadership attracts students from public and private schools throughout the San Gabriel Valley.