Businesses Are Opening Downtown

As power has been restored, stores and shops in the downtown business district are reopening to serve your needs (and your wants). While stores such as the Bottle Shop and Bean Town had generators on hand and were able to re-open on Thursday morning, others have taken a little longer. Arnolds Hardware opened Thursday afternoon, operating without lights, cash sales only. Village Pizza and Taco Fiesta opened later in the day. One of Taco Fiesta’s owners told me he found a generator in Chino, if that had been gone, he said he would have had to go to Lancaster.

BTW, I do want to also mention something about Bean Town. Despite the fact he was operating on a generator, Matt Krantz, co-owner, set up power strips in the store so residents could charge their cell phones. He also was delivering coffee and breakfast to Public Works and City Hall on Thursday morning, reportedly before he had even opened for business. Apologies to State Farm, but like a good neighbor, Bean Town was there.

Savor the Flavor issued a press release earlier today that they were operating on a cash only basis. However, at this time, power has been restored to much of Baldwin Ave. and Sierra Madre Boulevard, so there is a good chance that the store you needed to go to is up and operational. As most have lost two days sales during a holiday season, and those that were open had reduced sales plus increased costs (generator rental, etc.), we urge you to stay in town and do your shopping whenever possible.