We’re BACK! Post Wind Updates

Posted 12/3/11 – Our apologies to our faithful readers for being gone during this crisis.  I made the decision years ago to host locally, rather than with a corporate host.  Up till now, it’s worked great.  Unfortunately, when the power went down, my local host discovered his generator didn’t function, and it was too late to find one nearby.  So we’ve been gone a couple days.  No one is more frustrated than me.  We did our best with limited access to update via Twitter and Facebook, if  you aren’t following us on Twitter or haven’t liked us on Facebook, you may want to do that for the future.  Twitter: @SMNewsNet.  Facebook: SierraMadreNews.Net.

Congratulations to SierraMadrePatch.com on doing a good job keeping people informed.  There are some advantages to being part of a large corporate behemoth, one of which is obviously not relying on one generator to keep the ball rolling.

Enough about that.  Here’s the latest from the City:

With the recent windstorm, the City of Sierra Madre has experienced many uprooted trees, snapped branches, and tree debris throughout the City. City crews and contractors have been working to clear roads and will continue through the weekend. Currently, the 500 block of Manzanita Ave. and the northernmost section of Jameso…n Ct remain impassable.

Southern California Edison has managed to return power to some sections of the City. However, they are estimating another 24 to 36 hours to restore power to all areas.

SCE will be at Memorial Park today at 11:00am to distribute ice, flashlights, and batteries to residents in need.

City staff will be available today at City Hall to answer questions and take non-emergency reports. You can call City Hall at 626-355-7135 until 6:00pm today, December 3rd, or come into City Hall at 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Please continue to use 911 to report any emergencies.

Property owners are responsible for all tree and vegetation debris; City staff cannot enter private property to remove tree debris. Private property owners are allowed to deposit tree debris from their property onto the side of the street through next weekend to be collected by City crews. Under no circumstances can tree debris be deposited in the streets in such a way as to create a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. If you have other non-vegetation debris, you may schedule a ‘bulky item’ pickup with Athens at (888) 336-6100. Please do not place non-vegetation debris onto the side of the street until the evening before the scheduled pickup.

City staff would like to express their sincerest appreciation to the residents and businesses of Sierra Madre for their continued patience and efforts to assist the City and their neighbors through this event.