Have You Seen This Man?

SMPD wants to talk with this man

Posted 12/5/11 – We received an e-mail this morning from a Sierra Madre resident who was forwarding an e-mail he received.  That e-mail alleges that “Last Wednesday at 9:15 AM our home video security camera recorded a suspicious person look(ing) in the garage, back yard and then into the house after ringing the front door bell.  It appears he left the property after seeing the camera.  This behavior is consistent with a daylight break-in and there were two burglaries in Sierra Madre the same day.  I provided the video to the police department who said they were very interested in finding him.  Attached is a picture of this person with his car in the background.  If anyone else on our street (Toyon Road) has a security video system that may have filmed this person it would be good to contact the police department.”  The vehicle shown in the picture appears to be a maroon mini-van or SUV.  There is also a video on YouTube, which you can view if you click here.  Also, the picture above left will enlarge if you click on it.

I contacted SMPD, and Capt. Larry Giannone told me that “He is a person of interest, and we’d very much like to talk with him.”   If you have any information on this man’s whereabouts, please contact SMPD at (626) 355-1414.

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  1. Thank you…we will watch for him! Love Ya!

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