Latest Wind Update from City

Sierra Madre, CA. December 7, 2011 – Sierra Madre Windstorm Information – Update #12

The City is now in recovery mode as it works to clear all streets, identify and remove potential hazards, and inventory losses. This is the final anticipated update that includes general information for the upcoming recovery efforts. We will continue to provide any specific and important information to our residents, businesses, and visitors as necessary.

City Hall’s main line (626-355-7135) is now operational and will be answered during City Hall business hours. Voicemail capability is still not functional, so staff will take messages and deliver to specific staff members or departments manually until voicemail is resumed.

Southern California Edison has informed staff that there are still 43 locations in Sierra Madre without power. These are primarily single properties that have experienced specific damages or situations that Edison will need to address individually. Please report existing or new outages to Edison directly at 800-611-1911.

All City facilities and services are now available.

Residents are urged to be very careful when outside of their homes, and be aware of their surroundings, especially when walking or driving under trees. City staff and City volunteers are working to identify and mitigate potential hazards such as broken limbs that remain in trees. Please report any potential hazards that you may observe to City Hall at 626-355-7135 or the Police department at 626-355-1414. Be advised that all hazards will be recorded and corrected as soon as staff and equipment are available.

Property owners are responsible for all tree and vegetation debris; City staff cannot enter private property to remove tree debris. Private property owners are allowed to deposit tree debris from their property onto the side of the street until Wednesday, December 14th to be collected by City crews. Please do not use plastic bags and be advised that you may always continue to use your green barrels as usual for smaller debris. After December 14th, the City will be unable to assist with debris removal. Under no circumstances can tree debris be deposited in the streets in such a way as to create a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. If you have other non-vegetation debris, you may schedule a ‘bulky item’ pickup with Athens at (888) 336-6100. Please do not place non-vegetation debris onto the side of the street until the evening before the scheduled bulky item pickup.

Public Works crews are currently working to clear streets working from east to west. They anticipate multiple passes on streets with heavy debris, and the total clean-up effort is expected to endure to the end of December.

Trash service will continue as normal, however Athens drivers have indicated that the route is taking much longer to complete. Please understand that your normal pickup times will be delayed for the next couple of weeks.

Overnight parking restrictions have been lifted throughout the City for the remainder of the month of December. The City’s Public Parking lots are also available to all residents for overnight parking for the remainder of the month.

Be cautious of door-to-door offers of repair or debris removal which would include flyers or business cards that are deposited on your property or car. Ask friends, family and associates for recommendations about contractors that they have hired. Ask for proof of a valid City Business License and/or State Contractors license. Call City Hall to confirm Business Licenses and never pay cash in advance of work.

At this time, there is no information on County, State, or Federal emergency assistance. The City has made all proper requests and is awaiting a response.

Again, City staff and City volunteers would like to express their sincerest appreciation to the residents and businesses of Sierra Madre for their continued patience and efforts to assist the City and their neighbors through this event.

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  1. I am proud of the way the city has communicated and responded and helped.

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