City, SMPOA at Impasse, City Likely to Implement Terms Unilaterally

Posted 12/20/11 – A special City Council meeting has been called for Wednesday night at which City staff is recommending that the Council unilaterally implement terms and conditions of employment with the SMPOA, and one of those terms requires an amendment to the percentage paid to CalPERS.

According to the staff report, the POA representatives  and staff have been negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding since July, 2008.  In October, the POA and the City reached a tentative agreement for a new comprehensive MOU, but the membership of the POA voted not to adopt it.  Three more meetings were held, and on Dec. 5th, the City presented its last, best, and final offer.  According to the staff report, the POA responded that “they did not have a counter proposal to the City’s offer, and di not think that the POA membership and City could come to an agreement.”

On Dec. 15th, the City presented a Declaration of Impasse and Request for an Impasse Meeting to the POA.  They also presented a statement of their position on the issues.  The POA then decided to have the impasse meeting immediately to discuss the City’s offer, and to porceed as soon as possible to the City Council for resolution of the impasse.  The POA also requested that the Council receive a document titled Negotiation Meeting, November 9, 2011 so that the Council would be aware of the concerns of the membership regarding the tentatively agreed upon MOU.

Click to view staff report re: Impasse between City and SMPOA  Staff report includes the November 9 Negotiation Meeting documents, as well as the complete Terms and Conditions being presented to the Council.