Council Approves New Terms for POA

Posted 12/21/11 – At a special City Council meeting called for this evening, the City Council approved a unilateral implementation of the City’s last, best and final offer that it had presented to the Sierra Madre Police Officer’s Association (SMPOA) on Dec. 5th.  The only public comment on the issue came from Chris Koerber, who asked for clarification of how the City expected to save $100,000 by implementing the new terms.  Community and Personnel Services Director Elisa Weaver stated that the bulk of the money will be saved by larger contributions from the employees to CalPERS,  with smaller amounts being saved by adjustments such as uniform and safety equipment being monthly rather than annual, adjustments to pay for special security detail, switching to lump sum holiday pay rather than throughout the year and other items.  For a complete look at the new terms and conditions, as well as additional background on the negotiations which ened with an impasse, resulting in the unilateral implementation by the Council, click on the link above to view the staff report.

MaryAnn MacGillivray made the motion to adopt the resolutions, Nancy Walsh seconded, and the Council voted unanimously to adopt.