Koerber Announces for Vacant Mosca Seat

Posted 12/26/11 – On Dec. 21, we reported that four people had pulled papers for possible City Council runs.  At that time, we told you that John Capoccia had told us he was running for one of the two regular (4-year) seats that are open and that Colin Braudrick has told us he intended to run for the special election (2-year) seat that was made vacant when Joe Mosca resigned from Council to move to England.  Capoccia is a retired project manager for AT &T, Braudrick, I understand works for LAPD as a detective.

John Harabedian, an attorney, and Chris Koerber, VP of Sales for New Century Insurance were, at that time, undecided as to which seat they’d seek.  Chris Koerber told me to ask him Monday.  I received a call a short time ago from him, and he informed me that he had decided to join Braudrick in the special election portion of the ballot, going for Mosca’s remaining two-years.  Chris attended Kent State, class of ’78, and worked for the US Dept. of Agriculture before entering the insurance industry.  He is a former Board member of the Sierra Madre Community Foundation.  He is married to Halcyon Koerber. 

Chris has said that he will make a formal announcement via press release soon, we’ll post it when we receive it.