Harabedian Announces for 4-Year Council Seat

John Harabedian contacted me this morning to inform me that he has made his decision as to which City Council seat he intends to run for.   On December 21, we reported that four people had pulled papers for possible City Council runs, and the papers must be returned by Jan. 17th.   Those four possible candidates were Colin Braudrick, LAPD, John Capoccia, a project manager retired from AT&T, attorney John Harabedian, and insurance executive Chris Koerber.  At the time, Capoccia had stated that he was running for one of two 4-year (regular election) seats and Braudrick said he was running for the 2-year (special election) seat.  Harabedian and Koerber were undecided at that time.

Yesterday, we posted that Chris Koerber had called and informed us that he was going to also run for the 2-year special election seat, against Braudrick. 

Today, we received word from John Harabedian that he has decided to run for the other open 4-year seat.  Since there are two candidates and two seats, if no one else runs Capoccia and Harabedian will both be on the Council.  However, as stated earlier, other candidates have until Jan. 17th to pull and file their papers (which would include incumbent MaryAnn MacGillivray).  For that matter, to my knowledge, none of the candidates has, as yet, filed their papers with the City Clerk, so their decisions could still be subject to change.

According to the City Clerk’s election announcement, which we posted Dec. 19th, the election will be held on April 1210, 2012.  Also on the ballot will be an ordinance that would amend and extend the User Utility Tax (UUT) and an advisory measure that would request that this and future Councils use UUT money for emergency services only.

John Harabedian attended Yale, Oxford and Stanford.  He is an associate at Latham and Watkins, LLP, practicing in Securities Litigation and Professional Liability, Supreme Court and Appellate cases, and White Collar Defense and Investigations, according to the Latham and Watkins website.

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  1. Thanks for catching that. I went back and looked at her announcement prior to posting this, and thought it said 12th. My mistake. I’ve made the correction.

  2. Calendar Salesman | December 27, 2011 at 12:38 pm |

    The City Clerk’s notice says that the election will be held on April 10th, which is a Tuesday in 2012.

    Do you want the calendar with the ocean views, or the one with the mountains?

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