Letter to the Editor Re: Kensington Project

Posted 2/17/12

The Senior Assisted Living Project would be a great asset to our town in many ways. First and foremost it provides a cost effective alternative for all seniors to consider. Close to downtown and public transportation as well as medical services, it is in an ideal location.

Karen Keegan

1 Comment on "Letter to the Editor Re: Kensington Project"

  1. Karen-You’ve stated several reasons why the location in Sierra Madre makes it an asset to the project, but nothing that makes this project an asset to the town.
    I’m not anti-Kensington (in some form), but I fail to see how the project is enhancing to Sierra Madre–besides getting rid of an ugly building, which can be accomplished in several other ways. If these developers want to gain support in town, they need to figure that out.

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