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Posted 4/2/12 – I went to a candidate coffee yesterday on Monterey Lane, for Colin Braudrick, candidate for the 2-year seat in the special election, and Gene Goss and John Harabedian, candidates in the 4-year regular election (2 seats open).  These are the three candidates that have been endorsed by SierraMadreNews.Net.  Towards the end of the gathering, each of the candidates got up and spoke briefly about their reasons for running, and I got out the video phone.  I am disappointed that the sound quality is poor, in large part due to the windy conditions.  I am more disappointed that, wearing sunglasses instead of reading glasses, I didn’t notice that the camera had not turned on for Gene Goss, who gave what I thought was probably the best of the three speeches.  I’m more impressed with him each time I see him.  My apologies to Gene.

Here is Colin’s “speech.”

Here’s what John Harabedian had to say…

And here’s an interesting spot in the candidate forum held a couple weeks back. Some people answer questions, some people evade them. You know, MaryAnn MacGillivray is a pretty smart woman. Seems hard to believe she doesn’t understand what is meant by the words “are you affiliated with…”

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  1. John Harabedian | April 2, 2012 at 9:51 am |

    Thanks, Bill. It was a great event, and I agree with Bill, Gene had a fantastic speech. I too am more and more impressed with Gene the more I interact with him — this is a man who is very committed to preserving our way of life in Sierra Madre and I have no doubt he will make a fantastic city councilmember. The same goes for Colin.

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