City Council Reorganizes, Moran Mayor, Walsh Mayor Pro-tem – Photo Gallery

Posted 4/24/12 – Mayor John Buchanan and Council member MaryAnn MacGillivray left the City Council Tuesday evening, and Chris Koerber, John Harabedian and John Capoccia joined it.  The new Council then voted unanimously to seat Josh Moran as Mayor and Nancy Walsh as Mayor Pro Tem.  They then also voted unanimously to contract pool services to an outside company.

I’ll be writing more about this later, but for now I wanted to get the pictures up, so enjoy the following photos of the evening.

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  1. Doug Hayes says:

    Note to the new city council:

    A. congratulations to you all

    B. Keep your hands off of the reserves…..
    That money is there only for emergencies, not as a “petty cash” drawer.
    Some of us worked real hard to come up with that fund.