MacGillivray Says Goodbye to City Council

Pat Alcorn and friends presented MaryAnn MacGillivray with a stock certificate for a defunct Sierra Madre Development company as a parting gift

Posted 4/28/12 – At Tuesday’s City Council reorganization meeting, MaryAnn MacGillivray, who was defeated in the April 10th election after serving three split terms on the Council, was recognized by Council and residents, and had a chance to say goodbye from the dais.  Debbie Sheridan, Fay Angus, Ron Coleman and Pat Alcorn were among the residents who spoke up to recognize MacGillivray during Community Communication.  They were joined by former Mayor Kurt Zimmerman, who’s speech we have video of for  you to watch below.

Mayor Buchanan noted that dedicated public service is “not as easy as it looks, but you have done well, and done it with principal and vigor,” and offered his personal thanks for her service to the community.

MaryAnn then spoke, and noted that it “really has been a tremendous privilege to serve the city as mayor and council member for a dozen years,’ and expressed her gratitude to staff and volunteers she has worked with through the years.  “My commitment and dedication to protecting the integrity of our foothill village leaves a record I’m proud of…most noteworthy is the General Plan update which will be the constitution for the City over the next twenty years just as the plan which I initiated in 1995 has been the constitution for the last seventeen.”  She added that she encouraged all the people of Sierra Madre to stay engaged or get engaged in your City’s government “because when those who are governed do too little, those who govern can, and often will, do too much.”  She then read an updated and edited version of some verses she had written when she last left office in 1998, and the video is below for your perusal.