Buchanan Steps Down from City Council

Mayor Pro Tem Moran presents departing Mayor Buchanan with proclamation from the City

Posted 4/27/12 – John Buchanan began by thanking the residents of Sierra Madre, both those who supported him, and “your loyal opposition, governance requires both.”  He thanked colleagues with whom he’d served on the council, as well as staff, department heads and City Managers with whom he’d work in his time in office, noting that while Councils provide direction, good City Managers offer guidance and understanding of the issues before the Council, noting of current City manager Elaine Aguilar “Elaine, you’re the best.”  He also thanked his wife Teri, and his family.

He noted items that “we, not me” accomplished, among them public safety improvements (paramedic service, increased fire training), street maintenance, water infrastructure improvements, completion of the YAC, Sierra Madre Room and Senior Center, agreements to keep the Nursery school in town in perpetuity, expanded park land, improved technology, helping Dr. Sami expand his medical facility, and having begun the process that he hopes will bring a new Assisted Living Facility to town.

He added that “Tonight is not about the past, as transitions should never be.  It is about our transition to the future, and I believe we are positioned to embrace that future if we do not shrink from it…and so to John Harabedian, John Capoccia, Chris Koerber, and to Josh and Nancy, you have a future full of challenges, but you have the tools, the staff and the information with which to make your mark, and with which to do good.”