2012 Rose Float Design “Colorful Imagination” Selected

2012 Rose Float Design - click to enlarge

The Sierra Made Rose Float Association proudly announces that our float entry in the 2012 Tournament of Rose parade will be titled “Colorful Imagination.”   The Sierra Madre float theme reflects closely the Tournament Parade Theme, “Just Imagine . . . “ as selected by newly elected Tournament of Roses President Jackson

As conceived and drawn by Julio Leon, “Colorful Imagination” celebrates children’s play and their unique ability to use their imaginations to create magical new worlds from ordinary, every day objects.  As these children play they envision colorful butterflies soaring from the swirling paint. The 2012 float will be Sierra Madre’s 80th float entry, marking a major milestone for the Association.

Julio Leon is a layout animation designer who resides in Burbank. He was the float concept designer for Burbank’s Centennial float in last year’s parade. He will be working closely with the Association’s Decoration and Construction Committees to make his design a floral fantasy.

Please consider giving us a hand with the development of  “Colorful Imagination.”  We are already working every Sunday at the Float Barn, 587 E. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Marde from 10AM to 6PM. 

More Tournament Parade Theme Information:

“The Parade theme provokes images of children lying on grass seeing pictures in clouds; scientists searching the stars for new worlds to discover; far away places imagined by the poets and storytellers of the ages; determined athletes giving their all in service of the ultimate prize; musicians, dancers, painters, actors and sculptors expressing their gifts on the palettes of their vocations; and the visualization of a future in which creativity and innovation are the twin masters of our dreams.” Mr. Jackson 

Parade Day, January 2nd-“Never on a Sunday:’

“This year, the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game will once again take place on Monday, January 2 according to the Tournament of Roses’ “Never on a Sunday” policy. In 1893, officials decided it would be best to avoid interfering with Sunday worship services and decided to move events to January 2nd whenever January 1stfell on a Sunday. The last time the “Never on a Sunday” policy was in effect was in 2006”.  Tournament Website