Fresh and Easy Looking at Sierra Madre Site

Posted 5/25/12 – On April 27th, a Conditional Use Permit application was submitted to the Planning and Development Services Dept. for a Fresh and Easy Grocery store at the SE corner of Baldwin Ave. and Sierra Madre Blvd.  Plans call for the removal of the existing market building, to be replaced by a 10,582 sq. ft. one story building that would be situated to the east of the current building, closer to the east property line.

Parking would be located to the south and west of the building, and deliveries would be made to the south of the building, north of the City owned parking lot.  Plans as submitted would include a landscaped seating area at the corner, diagonally across from Kersting Court.  The structure as submitted appears to be a typical design for Fresh and Easy markets, and appears to conform to Measure V.

The plans are subject to environmental review, to determine if it would be necessary for a full on Environmental Impact Report, or if a Mitigated Negative Declaration would be acceptable.  According to the Planning and Development Services Dept., the timeline for the project as of now, subject to change, calls for the project to possibly be reviewed by the Planning Commission in September or October.

It is unclear what would happen to Taylor’s Market, which currently is at the location.   Taylor’s has a very strong and loyal local following and we are told would consider a move to another location.  There are currently two available locations in town that already have an existing walk-in refrigerator that a meat market would require, the former Cafe 322 and the former Sierra Bistro.  We are told by a usually reliable source that T. Boyle’s Tavern of Pasadena has signed a lease to open a new location at the Cafe 322 location, though we have not confirmed that with either of the parties involved.

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  1. good luck fresh n easy. You already have one in Arcadia that is not to far a drive. sierra madreans wont support national chains.

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