Car-B-Q and Structure Fire at Esperanza Building, Fire Out, No Injuries

Posted 6/7/12 – At 8:51 this morning, SMFD Engine 41 responded to a 911 call dispatched through Verdugo, arriving on the scene at 8:54:28.  The fire was at 59 Esperanza, but at the rear of the apartment complex, abutting Mariposa.  A pickup truck was on fire (origin under investigation) and it had spread to the carport structure for the complex.  Eaves of the apartment complex had started to catch fire, and according to Fire Marshal Rich Snyder, the first hoses were directed at the eaves to reduce exposure and confine the fire to the carport.  With assistance from Arcadia (Engine 107, Truck 101 and Battalion 105), Pasadena (Truck 32, Engine 32 and Battalion 3), and Monrovia (Battalion 10), the fire was knocked down by 9:09.  There were no injuries.  Numerous windows in the apartment complex burst during the fire, and if you watch the attached video (beolo the photo gallery), you can hear popping as the windows explode.  However, other than the burst windows and some damage to the eaves, the apartment building survived intact.  Other cars in the carport were damaged by the fire.  Also, as you watch the video, you may notice that the firefighters used foam to fight the car fire, and water to fight the structure fire.