News Net’s 4th of July Page Live Again, Updated

Posted 6/11/12 – You may have noticed the links across the top of each page in the News Net site.  We have to rotate pages in and out, because we can only put up a few of those links at a time (until I get better with css code, anyway).  Well, we’ve just rotated in the 4th of July page link, which has just been updated with information about this year’s event.  Want to know about this year’s events?  You can click on the link at the top of the page, or click here:  You can also find information on the Facebook page set up by the 4th of July Committee.

To contribute to help pay for these events, send a check made out to Sierra Madre Community Foundation, naming the 4th of July Committee in the memo section of the check, to:

4th of July Committee
PO Box 1073
Sierra Madre, CA 91025